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Ready For The Chop?

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If you’ve grown tired of using hair relaxers, you may be ready for a radical quick fix!  More and more people are choosing to simply cut off all their chemically relaxed locks, leaving them with their natural texture.

What to expect

Your hairdresser will begin by washing your strands to ensure that your hair is free of any product that can change the look of your natural texture. Next, they will part your hair into four even sections with all but one section clipped out of the way. Your hairdresser will then identify the line between your relaxed hair and natural texture and cut just below that line. Once your relaxed ends are gone, you’ll be 100% natural!

Can you do it yourself?

It can be difficult to cut your own hair, especially if you don’t have the right training. There is a chance that you can make a mistake and cut off more hair then you need to. Play it safe and trust your hairdresser!

The Other Option

Gradually transitioning to your natural hair is a good option for those who are not too excited about cutting off a big chunk of their hair at one time. You can ask your hairdresser to cut an inch or two of relaxed hair every few months or decide to cut off more. But remember you’ll have to deal with two different textures, which can be difficult to deal with when styling your hair. You’ll also need to be extra gentle when caring for your hair because transitioning hair is more likely to break.

Still undecided?

The Good…

Cutting it all off makes your hair easy to manage. Since you only have one texture to deal with, it’s much easier for you to understand what your natural hair needs, instead of dealing with two very different textures.

Low-maintenance hairstyles! Do we need to say more?

Your days of running for cover during the rains are over! No need to cover your head with that shopping bag!

Water will not ruin your hairstyle! Your days of running for cover during the rains are over! While it’s important to keep your relaxed strands away from water, there is no need to worry once you opt for natural hair.

Your look will change! You’ll have a brand-new look that’s bound to turn heads.

The Bad…

You’ll need to be patient. Patience is key, no matter what technique you choose. You’ll need to give your hair time to grow. According to the American Academy of Dermatology, hair grows about six inches in a year, whether you cut your hair or not.

Whatever you decide, we think you will rock it!

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