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Maybelline Tattoo Brow Med Brown


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No need to visit the Salon, get natural and fuller looking brows at home. With Maybelline Brow Tatto Medium Brown, wake up to evenly-filled brows! Our 1st easy peel off brow tint with up to 3 days wear, for fuller natural looking brows. Get killer brows in 4 easy steps with no mess and no fuss!

How to Use:

Step 1: Clean your brows and apply our Tattoo Brow tinted semi-permanent eyebrows over your existing brow hair. If any mistakes are made or you need to reshape, use a cotton bud to easily remove your Tattoo Brow before it sets.

Step 2: Leave your new brows to set for at least 20 minutes. For super long wear, set the product for up to 2 hours.

Step 3: Using your fingers to peel off the Brow Tattoo semi-permanent eyebrows by starting at the inner corner of each brow. The tint will be revealed underneath, giving you naturally fuller looking brows.

Please note: To make the most of your long-wear tint, try to avoid exfoliating or harsh cleansers.




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