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Dr. C Tuna Age Reversist Serum 15ml


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  • It is important to use the right care products and maintain moisture as much as it is necessary to drink water to protect the health of the skin. Thanks to this product, which is compatible with all skin types, it is possible to reach even areas where the moisturizers cannot reach.
  • With its special formula that does not contain perfume, it is effective in the process of renewing and repairing the skin.
  • It helps the active ingredients that the skin essentially needs to reach the skin more easily and work more harmoniously.
  • As a result of regular use of the product will help to create visible vitality and shine on the skin, while contributing to the preservation of the elastic structure.


Dr. C. How to Use Tuna Age Reversist Serum

  • Farmasi. Cevdet Tuna Age Reversist Serum should be used twice a day, morning and evening.
  • When a sequence is made between the care products used, the sequence of operations can be expressed as two. Because the serum will need to be thoroughly cleaned before use.
  • After cleaning, a few drops of serum squeezed into the hand are applied to the areas where the problem is seen or can be seen and applied to the skin lightly.
  • It is recommended to massage from bottom to top with gentle movements during application of the product.
  • After the application, dry the serum for 2 minutes. waiting is enough. Subsequently, the use of the same series of moisturizing products will contribute to increase the effect.




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